Mourinho: I think Sarri is ready for Premier League – Information-Analytic Agency

José Mourinho spoke about Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri.

“Italy is not an easy country. You learn how to deal with the press; it is very specialised, they have top commentators [with] great experience in football, the journalists are also very clever in using the emotion of football in Italy. Maurizio comes to England with more than 20 years of experience in football. I think he’s ready, the main difficulty is imposing his style of play which is the way he always played with Napoli. The Premier League is the [league] where you sometimes have to lose your identity a bit to adapt to the characteristics of the game and the opponents. He will learn in time, the second season will be better for him,” Fox Sports Asia reported quoting Sarri. 

During the current season, Chelsea ranked sixth with 58 points.

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