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Q1: When will we hear more than “no comment” from NUFC?

Hello, and welcome to this afternoon’s Q&A.

We start with a question consisting of the two words every fan on social media is using at the moment.

Beth asks: “When will we hear more than ‘no comment’ by the club?”

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley (r) chats with managing director Lee Charnley (Image: Getty Images Europe)

It is a month since Newcastle United’s season ended, and so it is no surprise that, with so little positive news emerging from the club, fans are becoming fed up of the repeated “no comment” responses to questions about Rafa Benitez’s future and the prospective takeover.

Unfortunately for those who work within the club’s press office, there is little else they can say if that is what the directive from above is – and the media team rightly do not want to provide on-the-record comments about issues they have not been provided with the full information about.

In my opinion, it must be a decision taken by the club’s hierarchy to continue this silence – and the information vacuum is simply unsustainable.

I think that the Magpies are not commenting on the Benitez situation as they don’t want to be seen to be antagonising their manager by putting pressure on him in public.

As far as the takeover is concerned, I understand the delicate nature of negotiations make it a difficult subject for the club to address, but their failure to confirm whether the Bin Zayed Group’s statements were accurate has added further to the confusion which has consumed Tyneside.

Unfortunately, until Benitez either signs or leaves, or until there is a positive breakthrough with regards to a takeover, I don’t see the club commenting on any of the important issues any time soon.

Obviously they will send out a release containing the fixtures tomorrow, but I’d be surprised if it contains quotes from Benitez or managing director Lee Charnley.

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