Jurgen Klopp hoping Liverpool can end dry January on the road to Brighton

“We have to build on that basis physically and thank God most of the boys can do that because they have stayed healthy. Let’s build on that.”

As with all such records, Klopp argues this is a different Liverpool, with fresh personnel, uninterested in historic trends. A new question is being put to his team every weekend and so far they have found the answers, but the latest asks how will they recover from their first league setback?

With the club’s admirers and rivals forensically analysing signs of weakness, the Brighton trip offers further guidance as to how equipped Liverpool are to retain their advantage.

“You don’t go through the first half of the season without losing a game, then lose one and then lose your head immediately. That would be strange,” insisted Klopp.

“That would not, in general, be the right thing to do. That’s a moment where your team could be sitting in the dressing room and think, ‘Is he mad?’ because anyway, it was not that bad.”

Prior to Liverpool’s trip to City, Klopp was bombarded with questions as to how he could win the title. Since then, there has been a preoccupation – certainly in Manchester – as to how he might lose it.

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