Jose Mourinho reveals who he wants Manchester United to face in Champions League quarter-finals

Jose Mourinho wants the four Premier League sides to meet in the Champions League (RT)

Jose Mourinho admits he wants Manchester United to face a Premier League rival in the Champions League quarter-finals.

The draw for the last eight of the competition takes place at 11am on Friday with United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Juventus, Barcelona, Ajax and Porto all waiting to see who they will meet.

United secured their place in the quarter-finals following a stunning comeback against Paris Saint-Germain and the prospect of getting a fellow Premier League club in Friday’s draw is likely.

When asked about his ideal quarter-final line-up, Mourinho told RT: ‘I would like English teams to play against each other, without any kind of preference.

‘But I would do two matches between English teams, which would mean two teams would be in the semi-finals.

Marcus Rashford completed Manchester United’s comeback against Paris Saint-Germain (EPA)

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‘I think if the draw gives something like Manchester City versus Manchester United, or Tottenham against Liverpool, for example, I think would be absolutely fantastic matches.

‘My second choice would be not by tactical or emotional reasons but by what I think would be fantastic extra motivation I would do Ajax versus Porto, as that would mean one of them reach the semi-finals.

‘They are doing so, so well during the competition that I think it would be amazing for one of them.

‘It would be amazing for Portugal as a country, Netherlands as a country, to have a team in the semi-final.

Mourinho does not want Cristiano Ronaldo and Juve to face Barcelona until the semi-finals (Getty Images)

‘I wouldn’t like Juventus against Barcelona because I think it would be something really special Barcelona against Juventus in a possible final or semi-final.

‘Two great teams that are not being successful in the Champions League for a few years, of course Juventus so much more than Barcelona,

‘And led by two big players Cristiano [Ronaldo] and [Lionel] Messi is something I wouldn’t waste on a quarter-final, I would wait a little bit more.’

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